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Dinah Marie's Story


I was born in Tampa, Florida. My father was a minister and my mother a housewife. The family grew to include four children - three girls and one boy. After living in Tampa for several years, our family moved to a small town called Wauchula several hours south of my birth city.

I finished my grade school and moved back to Tampa to finish college. It was during this time I met Patrick Harrison.

I graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa and began my career with Maas Brothers, a Florida based department store.

Patrick and I eventually married. We first moved into an apartment then later into a new home. We choose a nice middle class neighborhood where everyone knew each other.

Friday, July, 14, 1978 had began like any other day. We both went to work that morning. There was no hint this day would be any different.

I got home first and waited for Patrick to finish for the day so we could go out. I got involved in a TV show and the time slipped away. It was 9:30 pm when I heard a hard knock of the door. It was a young State Patrol officer. He had his service hat over his heart.

Even though over 30 years have past, I still remember the feeling of that awful moment. He spoke quickly and time began to stop. His words stuck me hard and fast. My body reacted so quickly, I felt as it a fist had been driven into my chest.

Patrick Harrison had been killed. It happened at 6:30 pm on a rain slick railroad crossing at a busy four lane highway. By eleven o'clock pm the news with photos was already being played on the local news channels.

The story could have ended after the funeral, after the grieving period, after the cards and calls stopped. It could have ended even after I started back to my daily routine of work.

But it didn't. Patrick made sure it didn’t. What I didn’t know was he would become a link between this world and his new world.

I would be one to tell the ongoing story. It has been told on television, radio, public talks, newspaper, magazines and in a book titled "Never Alone".

As time goes by, our relationship has developed into something so very different than I would have ever imagined.

In the past few years, I have learned to pay attention and stay in the middle of the flow of life. Each time I attempt to redirect this flow I will find my self stuck on the edge of life watching it go by.

The year 2010 would be no different. In the spring of the year a voice from nowhere spoke to me and said these words - OneMindOneGoalOneFocus. I was told to repeat the words three time and write them down. I did this and put them in my journal until I understood what should be done with them.

It wasn’t until July 14, 2010 on the anniversary of his death, it was made clear what needed to be done. I was impressed to put up a new website featuring this statement and allow it to take on a life of its own.

So my friends, let see where this new journey will take us………



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