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Aunt Rose
Written on January 29, 2012, 12:43:16 PM by Dinah Arnette

I am always amazed at the interesting way the spirit world will influence events. During October, 2011 the full moon was particularly bright. I was visiting family who were vacationing at the beach. It was late one evening and we decided to walk on the beach.

We discovered to our dismay earlier in the evening, dead fish from a recent red tide had arrived on shore. It was amazing to see not only the smaller fish, but many large fish weighing in at 30 plus pounds lying in the sand for miles in both directions.

After a hour or so we decided to go into the cabin for the evening, but I heard a "small...

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Physical Phenomenon during Meditation Session
Written on April 22, 2011, 08:21:45 AM by Dinah Arnette

We always start our focus or meditation session with a deep breathing exercise, then a Prayer of protection. We then ask for intelligent energies from the unseen universe to assist us with any types of physical phenomenon. During the last few months, we experienced taps on the walls, furniture, fast moving orbs of light, flickering lights, hymnal messages, missing time, plus experiencing time shifts.

One of the powerful messages was received on Wednesday, April 6, 2011. We asked for a hymnal message and received one from J.H. Newman, "Lead, Kindly Light." We ponder the message and were not clear on its meaning.

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I got guestions - Can my Guides Help me with Answers
Written on December 18, 2010, 08:19:22 AM by Dinah Arnette

I really enjoy the oddities of my life. Earlier this summer, I began the work of updating and reworking my web site. It was not something I had planned but so many unusual events started happening which led me in that direction.  The following is an example.

Florida summers bring out the bugs. I had just gone outside to find the cat when I was stung by a large angry hornet. Apparently, I had passed his nest several times and on my last pass he hit me twice with full venom.

Normally, this would not be a problem but today I had an instant allergic reaction. Since, it was early in the morning, my husband, an Navy man was still in bed. I tried to get his help but he thought it was not serious.

The story eventually had a happy ending, but I was told next time I was...

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ADC's - After Death Communications
Written on December 18, 2010, 07:52:18 AM by Dinah Arnette

Several days ago, I received an email from SB. His much beloved wife had past away last year. Since then he has experienced many types of wonderful communication from the other side.

His communication have included all the five senses -  sight, sound, smell, touch, and sensing.  SB has discovered that each time a communication happens it corresponded to something significant.  He mentioned in his email that he enjoyed a kiss soon after his wife's death. 

Another significant communication was his phone ringing a special tone that was not preprogrammed in.

It would not surprise me that in the future due to all the increased energy SB is working with that he will have even more communications.

The world of spirit...

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KitKat Spirit Form
Written on November 18, 2010, 05:10:16 AM by Dinah Arnette

KitKat where are you? This has been a question I have asked many times in the past few weeks. Our furry boy left suddenly with no trace. Today, he walked into my dream world. His presence was so clear that I immediately got up and went outside half expecting to see him sitting on the ground near the back gate.

The other cats and our dog ran outside to the exact location I saw in my vision. Apparently, they saw his spirit form still warming the spot.

He was healthy, furry and clean. I may not know the exact details of what happen the day he left, but I know he has made it to the world of spirit and can control his movements between worlds.

There is no doubt that humans need to know what happens to our loved ones. We need that confirmation that all is well whether it was our family member or a much loved animal....

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Tarot Cards
Written on November 01, 2010, 05:01:14 AM by Dinah Arnette


Tarot Cards 

Today is October 11, but I have an uneasy feeling. It does not go away, so later tonight, I decided to shuffle my Tarot Cards and do a general spread to see if I could decipher the cause.

After doing the spread, I discovered I had true cause for concern. All the cards pointed toward an emotional upheaval soon to happen in y life. Several days later a second event occurred. It was 4:30 am when Jerry and I were both quickly awakened when we...

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