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I got guestions - Can my Guides Help me with Answers
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Written by Dinah Arnette on December 18, 2010, 08:19:22 AM

I really enjoy the oddities of my life. Earlier this summer, I began the work of updating and reworking my web site. It was not something I had planned but so many unusual events started happening which led me in that direction.  The following is an example.

Florida summers bring out the bugs. I had just gone outside to find the cat when I was stung by a large angry hornet. Apparently, I had passed his nest several times and on my last pass he hit me twice with full venom.

Normally, this would not be a problem but today I had an instant allergic reaction. Since, it was early in the morning, my husband, an Navy man was still in bed. I tried to get his help but he thought it was not serious.

The story eventually had a happy ending, but I was told next time I was  to shout, "General quarters, All Hands on Deck." This way he knew it was serious.

Later that day, I started on my emails. Like many people, I delete many spam emails quickly deciding what to keep. Image my surprise when an email which had the subject line - "All Hands on Deck" was waiting for me. The spirit world has it ways to get your attention.

MC of Oklahoma had written with some very interesting questions.  

MC's has found that certain locations in the home, car or truck seemed to help focus an energy that is helpful in decision making. When pondering a situation that needs an answer, MC finds that the uncertainty of the question can be resolved by being in one of these locations. The response comes in a quick "sharp snap" the doesn't emit heat or air movement.

MC's question was - Could this be one of his guides help him find the proper path?

There is not doubt that there are certain places that bring us peace, quiet and the feeling of safety. Within these areas,  we are able to let our thoughts drift and our ever powerful superconsciousness can do it's work. Within this framework our energy levels and vibrations are at a high point which allows our guides or energies from other planes of existences to work with us. That energy is always available. We need to find that balance and MC has found several locations where as a receiver the transmission are getting through.

MC's second question - Can you connect with the previous owners of your home by visiting their grave in the local cemetery even though the person has been dead over 30 years?

The grave site or even the existing home could be a focus point. The question would be whether the previous owner is still attached to the grave site or the home.

The very fact that MC has this question gives me the feeling that this is a reasonable thought. It came from somewhere.  The previous owners know about MC so now how can MC know more about them.

MC is curious of the previous family history as well as the history of the home. I feel that MC will meet someone that has this knowledge. It will be no accident when it happens. It will be one of those coincidences  that simply make you smile. 

Don't give up the ship


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