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Tarot Cards
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Written by Dinah Arnette on November 01, 2010, 05:01:14 AM


Tarot Cards 

Today is October 11, but I have an uneasy feeling. It does not go away, so later tonight, I decided to shuffle my Tarot Cards and do a general spread to see if I could decipher the cause.

After doing the spread, I discovered I had true cause for concern. All the cards pointed toward an emotional upheaval soon to happen in y life. Several days later a second event occurred. It was 4:30 am when Jerry and I were both quickly awakened when we heard beeping. We discovered the upstairs smoke alarm was chirping. This was new alarm recently installed and was not a malfunction. Once again, I knew it was a warning of something that would not be pleasant and would be a personal event for us that wouldn't be pleasant.

As each day passed, I found myself watching carefully all my undertakings. The weather had turned cool so all windows were opened in order to air out the house and bring in some new energy. I felt this situation would happen around me, not necessarily to me.

Friday, October 15 would prove out the cards. We have grown cats, plus two new kittens to add to our family. One of our cats simply would not live in the house at night, so we made sure he had a car to sleep under and opened the garage door slightly so he had a place to run if too cold or rainy.

BUT, this morning he was not longer waiting at the door when I opened it to feed him at 7 am. He simply had disappeared without a trace. No signs. We do not know it he is dead or alive.

KitKat had arrived at our back door in 1995 and has left by the same design. KitKat will find his way back to me in his spirit form when the time is right.

(NOTE: Skilled Tarot Card readers can help bring clarity to a problem or point out information that one needs to be mindful)

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Hi Dinah,

I'm very sorry for your loss of KitKat, even if it is temporary, so to speak. 


by Doug Kelley on November 01, 2010, 06:40:45 AM
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