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Awareness of Life after Death
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Physical Phenomenon during Meditation Session
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Written by Dinah Arnette on April 22, 2011, 08:21:45 AM

We always start our focus or meditation session with a deep breathing exercise, then a Prayer of protection. We then ask for intelligent energies from the unseen universe to assist us with any types of physical phenomenon. During the last few months, we experienced taps on the walls, furniture, fast moving orbs of light, flickering lights, hymnal messages, missing time, plus experiencing time shifts.

One of the powerful messages was received on Wednesday, April 6, 2011. We asked for a hymnal message and received one from J.H. Newman, "Lead, Kindly Light." We ponder the message and were not clear on its meaning.

I closed the session and we left the building. It was a wonderful clear sky with bright shining stars as we continued to my home. In approaching the house, all the outside lights turned on and then quickly turned off. Two items of interest, the front of the house has a sensor light which turns on when something moves near it, plus once on - it continues to burn for at least 5 minutes. This light blinked on and off as well as all the outside lights.

I also saw someone in my front window walk from side to side. I thought it was my husband until we entered the home and he was upstairs, no where near the window or front lights.

We definitely had a "lighted message". We thank the spirit world for making their presence known in a kindly way.



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Each day begins a new awareness of life after death.  I will share with you my thoughts and experiences of over 30 years of working with family and friends that have crossed to the other side.

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