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Write It Down - Information Received Via OBE's
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Written by Dinah Arnette on December 20, 2010, 05:38:44 AM
I know better, but let it slip away before I thought to write the name down.
During an OBE , I was given the name of the family, I repeated the name several times before I got out of  bed, BUT didn't grab pencil and paper.
So now as I write this I have forgotten most of the name.
Several times in the past, including today I have been drawn to people's home. This time I was up north in a home of people of Italian descent. I was standing in a room where three older strong type men were seated around what appeared to be an octagon table. These men appeared to be in their late 50's. The three were sitting together leaving two empty chairs on the other side of the table. One of the men was gesturing at one of the empty chairs and said, "if only Pasq,,,,(forgetting the rest of the name) was here."
These men were on the left side of the room and on the right side of the room was a young man laying on a gurney. For ease of narration I will call him Carl. This gurney Carl was using like a wheelchair. Carl had thick black hair that surrounded his head as he lay on the pillow. Carl appeared to be 25-30 years of age. His legs had no muscle tone and the legs lay motionless on the gurney bed, but he had the upper body strength from moving around on the gurney bed. Carl was dressed in a dark pair of pants, probably sweats that were sized for his legs. The floor was ceramic tile for easy of motion. Also, the doors had been removed from the frame so Carl could move within the house by grabbing the door frames and pulling the gurney bed.
I had a brief chance to observe the men and Carl before being noticed. The men did not see me. Carl motioned for me to follow as he had something very important to show me. I followed into the kitchen and  headed down a hall to the bathroom as I glanced in I saw a smear of blood on the tub.
Before he could tell me more, my dog moved which caused me to come back suddenly from the OBE.
This is very important. Do not move. Wait until all parts of you are back in your body or you will feel oddly all day. Like the old saying," I got out on the wrong side of the bed." This is what will happen if you get up before all of your energy has settled back into your body.
Several times in the past I have been drawn via OBE's to locations of some type of mayhem. I had not thought about writing it down until now. At least once, I have had phone calls from strangers asking me what I had seen.
What makes this part very weird it they do not know me and do not have my number, but something in the ether clicks and the phone rings.
What do I think happens? How is the connection made? I am not sure but as time goes on I feel certain more information will be presented.
I feel this will not be the last time I hear from Carl. Connecting to his energy is like finding the correct station on the radio dial. It takes time.

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