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Awareness of Life after Death
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ADC's - After Death Communications
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Written by Dinah Arnette on December 18, 2010, 07:52:18 AM

Several days ago, I received an email from SB. His much beloved wife had past away last year. Since then he has experienced many types of wonderful communication from the other side.

His communication have included all the five senses -  sight, sound, smell, touch, and sensing.  SB has discovered that each time a communication happens it corresponded to something significant.  He mentioned in his email that he enjoyed a kiss soon after his wife's death. 

Another significant communication was his phone ringing a special tone that was not preprogrammed in.

It would not surprise me that in the future due to all the increased energy SB is working with that he will have even more communications.

The world of spirit wants to communicate. Remember you must work to raise your vibrations and the spirit world at the same time works along side you to find a match to the higher vibration they are using.  It's like spinning the dial on the radio when suddenly you get a strong signal.

Unfortunately, in the excitement of getting this signal many times we simply "drop the call". Even though the communication seems fleeting - there is a smile on everyone's face because the connection was made and the message was received.

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Each day begins a new awareness of life after death.  I will share with you my thoughts and experiences of over 30 years of working with family and friends that have crossed to the other side.

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