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Other Side Communication
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Written by Dinah Arnette on September 14, 2010, 03:09:32 AM

Other Side Communication 

From the list of 20 communication tips on the home page

 7) Receiving clear visions and having powerful real life dreams of loved ones.

 The other side is always looking for ways to get your attention. Good examples are certain calendar dates: wedding anniversaries, birthdays, date of death, or holidays.

Deceased loved ones know that on these dates you may turn your thoughts to the events of those special days.

After posting the communication tips, I asked my father who has been in the world of spirit since December, 2008 to show some sign from the other side.

For me, September 14 was a calendar date. It was Patrick and my wedding anniversary. No matter how many years go by you still think about these special dates.

In the early hours of September 14, I had awakened briefly and then fell back into a light sleep. In this calm state of mind, my father was able to use this to make his presence known to me.

I was in my kitchen when suddenly my aunt who is very ill and still on this earth plane stopped to saw hello.

(NOTE: I have discovered the very ill at times have the ability to leave the body for brief moments and visit.)

As my aunt moved away to my stove, I heard a noise in the hallway. I turned and with delight my father slowly moved into view. He presented himself at his age of 80. It was a long hallway. He walked slowly and with each step he became clearer. He was dressed in his normal clothing. He held in his right hand a wine bottle. On his face was that boyish grin I so remember.

(NOTE: When someone from the other side has been there for awhile they like to bring or show items that will confirm who they are, so there is no doubt)

I turned to my aunt and grabbed the bottom edge of her blouse. I spoke to her saying, "Do you also see him?", BUT she did not turn around as it was not her time to experience this. As, I turned back my father was still there.

It took a few moments for my father to complete the long walk. When he was completely in my view. I reached out to touch him. (which I should have waited) as this caused my attention to break away and he was unable to maintain his presence.

So next time I will remember to wait until he reaches for me. Then I know the connection will be solid enough.

Still,  I felt good about his visit and realized he was happy and contented with this new life. This is one of those events you do not forget. Since I feel the event was "actually happening" in real time. I find it stays with you. I never have any trouble in recalling this type of event or any of the details. It was one of the nicest gifts anyone can receive on a special calendar date.




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