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The Ten Dollar Bill
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Written by Dinah Arnette on July 10, 2011, 07:29:00 AM

I fold and hide money in my wallet. I sure many others do as well. We call it our "secret money".

This story begins when I was at the library and needed money for the copier. I discovered I had no change and search for some dollar bills to convert to coins.

I was careless that day as I shifted items around in my wallet, a $10 folded bill fell to the floor. I was so absorbed in located some smaller money I neglected to pick it up until it was too late.

I was angry with myself and obsessed over that lost $10 bill for several years. Then one day, I was backing out of a parking place in front of a local grocery store when I began to straighten up the car to move forward.

I suddenly could see like X-ray vision through the fender on the passenger side. I instantly put the car into park, jumped out and ran around to the other side. There on the ground near the tire was a folded "$10 dollar" bill.  

Intention is a powerful tool.


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Each day begins a new awareness of life after death.  I will share with you my thoughts and experiences of over 30 years of working with family and friends that have crossed to the other side.

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